Bringing your vision to life

We design, supply, install and support all aspects of your Audio Visual project.


All-In-One Meeting Room Technology

Creating a workspace or meeting room to drive productivity and maximise efficiency is a challenge faced by many businesses.

Catering for the next generation of employee who are used to having everything they need at their fingertips and using their fingertips to access everything they need, whilst still providing the traditional features for those who are a little less tech-savvy means that choosing the right meeting room AV solution is more vital than ever.

A pen and paper flipchart is no longer the focal point of a collaborative meeting room. In fact, as workplace trends change, the key people in a meeting may no longer even be in the room. Remote working is more common, individual workspaces are being replaced by open-plan offices and communal working areas. Traditional meeting spaces are giving way to informal huddle spaces.

The new generation of all-in-one meeting room technology allows a user to walk into a meeting space and present and interact with information as instinctively as they do with the smartphone they keep in their pocket. In fact, AV and web conferencing enables equal participation between remote participants as well as those in the room.

How can we can revolutionise your workspaces?

  • Interactive Displays
  • Huddle Spaces
  • Video Conferencing
  • Room BookingCloud based Collaboration
  • IPTV & Digital Signage

From facilitating meeting interaction with smart board technology, wireless presentation technology and cloud-based collaboration tools, to large screen presentations with projection systems and AV control systems to manage all aspects of your meeting room solutions, we have the expertise to design, install and support all calibers of meeting space.

Bringing your vision to life

We design, supply, install and support all aspects of your Audio Visual project.

I would like you to pass on my thanks to your company/team for the professional work carried out for ALD. It is reassuring to find companies that just do what they say and deliver. A big thank you from ALD

Derek Barker, IT Director, ALD Automotive

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