During the past year, companies all over the world have had to adapt their communication methods to allow business to continue as ‘normal’ during the pandemic. This has been an easier adjustment for some more so than others.

For companies that have always appreciated the benefits of good quality technology in the workplace, it may have been an easier transition into the new way of work. However, there are companies out there that may not have had to rely so heavily on technology until now, that may have found it more difficult.

Software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet have been relied upon enormously during the pandemic. These systems have been adopted widely across the workplace and enabled personal communication for so many during these times bringing unforeseen advantages and entirely new workflows to the majority of the workforce.

Using online systems for communication may not be favored by everyone, however some of the many benefits is that it allows real time information. Whilst communicating, relevant documents can be dropped into a cloud based system such as Google Documents, OneDrive or SharePoint. Documents can also be shared through the chat portals, these can be used for formal or informal conversations between employees or even with clients.

There are many benefits of using communication technology within the workplace and it can help to improve the image of a business. Cost to the company can be reduced as the need for travel is reduced, as well as the requirement for hired or temporary meeting spaces. This can likewise have a positive impact on the business image as the company can promote their ‘greener’ approach. Alongside these benefits, the enhanced technology can also lead to greater employee happiness and it encourages a flexible way to work, promoting a healthy work life balance.

This is a unique moment in time and the workflows that are developed now, will continue to define our business practices moving forward. We have been working on a short list to enable others to check whether they are taking advantage of this opportunity and maximizing the benefits of these changes, as below;

Develop in-house knowledge

It is essential for employees to have a good understanding of the features available to them and the value they can deliver, and to have an opportunity to raise these suggestions with the employer. Conducting surveys and workshops can help to map out your current workflows and tools and can help to gain an understanding of what your teams need. Supplementing this with industry insight or utilising a consultant can help you gain an even deeper knowledge of the market offering, further ensuring the right balance between cost and quality and allowing informed business cases to be developed.

Create a technology road map

Investing in technology can be costly and time consuming, especially if the technology you have purchased does not meet the requirements of your team(s). Developing a road map allows you to capture these requirements and plan your investments over time. It also gives employees an opportunity to understand the stage reached and what features to expect in future, providing better employee buy-in and in turn, a better return on investment.

Create standards, ensuring continuity and compatibility across hardware and software

Using technology at home and in the meeting room allows the opportunity to fuse workflows, something you have started in the office can easily be picked up and carried on with when out on the road or working from home. Continuity is important in terms of workplace gadgets as you want them to be compatible to allow ease of use, also setting the standard for any future technology investments. Ensuring these points will also enable streamlined support as there may only be a small handful of manufacturers equipment to support.

Have documented workflows and focus on training

By focusing on employee training on all equipment it gives them confidence to use it to the full advantage that they otherwise may not feel comfortable doing. Training empowers employees to adopt the technology and work it in to their everyday use, as they will have all of the necessary knowledge on usage, companies may find that it helps to reduce friction when setting up meetings as well as significantly reduce time wasted.


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