Sound Reinforcement


Sound Reinforcement

From the simplest classroom to the largest auditorium or conference centre, voice reinforcement is the key to ensuring that the speaker is heard clearly by all.

While sound reinforcement can be as simple as a single microphone being amplified to one or more speakers, knowledge of acoustic principles and audio propagation can make all the difference between a clear and intelligible audio and distorted or unnatural sound.

IVC have extensive in house experience of designing audio systems for education, meeting and conference venues. Our customers include schools, universities, corporate clients and local and national government.

From on desk conferencing units and boundary microphones, ceiling microphones, both wired and wireless handheld and worn microphones, we can help you choose the best means of capturing the sounds clearly

To deliver the sound back to the audience, we can advise on the most suitable solutions ranging from on desk conferencing units, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, concealed or embedded speakers or headphones.

Between the pick up and delivery, correct processing, introduction of delays where necessary, equalisation and feedback suppression are all key parts of successful implementation.

With the bewildering array of products available and ever changing technologies, IVC's design team can help you choose the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

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