Audio Visual Systems for the Transport Sector

The arrival of the digital age has brought with it huge opportunities for audio-visual technologies in particular dynamic digital signage.

The deployment of large digital signage screens around airport, seaport, railway and bus terminal concourses is becoming common place as a means of directing and informing passengers with all sorts of information about departure and arrival times, delays and other special notices that may enhance or impact on the travel experience.

To deliver a comprehensive range of travel information to each travel terminus requires a sophisticated IT network with each terminus being connected via a wide area network (WAN), providing communications facilities throughout the UK and across the world as necessary.

Transport - IVC

Demanding environments like airports and train stations, require solutions that run 24/7, can be operated and monitored from a central or remote point whilst providing huge amounts of critical data to passengers and staff.

In addition to travel information, numerous large screens also provide the traveller with up to the minute weather and news information as well as providing commercial enterprises with advertising opportunities to increase revenues.

As a truly integrated systems integrator, IVC has the knowledge and experience to advise clients on the best solution for their project taking into consideration the environment and required use and managing the project from inception through design and to its completion.

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