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Audio Visual Systems for the Government Sector

Improving the efficiency of communication between all levels of Government and the public is a key objective within the Government sector today.

The deployment of digital technology can play a strategic role in improving communication and at the same time reducing costs.

In particular a switched IP network has the capability to allow users’ access to increased content, in addition to creating a viewing experience that is more interactive and personalised than ever before over TV, PC and mobile devices. Integration with services like high speed Internet and VoIP is now possible while the need to run a parallel infrastructure to deliver live and stored video services is removed, resulting in lower costs.

The use of video conferencing for example, can reduce the carbon footprint and the cost of meetings by cutting out travel between venues. Digital signage in public areas can create potential revenue streams for advertising.

From local councils to the parliamentary debating chambers, government organisations often require custom solutions to fit buildings with heritage features and challenging acoustics

At IVC we have completed numerous technically challenging installations in heritage buildings providing custom designed and manufactured microphones to induction loops and network integrations for all audio and video data to be broadcast to the outside world.

Debating Chamber:

  • Delegate conferening
  • Webcasting
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Induction Loops
  • Delegate sound system

Public Areas:

  • Large screen displays
  • Digital Signage / Wayfinding
  • Public address system
  • CCTV

Meeting Room Systems:

  • Room Booking System
  • Projector & screen
  • Video Conferencing
  • Sound Reinforcement

Whether it's managing the audio visual requirements for Parliament, or the regional assemblies, providing a delegate conferencing system in a local council chamber, or supplying a simple digital signage system in a council owned car park, IVC understands the drivers in this market and has the expertise to create workable and yet cost effective solutions for Government organisations  guiding clients through the maze of options to create a workable and cost effective solution to match their needs now and well into the future.

IVC City Hall

City Hall (GLA):


IVC were tasked with delivering a sophisticated communications system that provided a backbone of services to the GLA and enable them to deliver data, text and video sources to any desk or display screen, the GLA website or to national broadcasters.


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