Over the past few years organisations of all shapes and sizes have started the shift to an open office concept. With many moving away from regimented cubicle spaces to an open plan structure. However, although they have their advantages, the open plan concept could still be better. Open plan offices lack privacy, making it harder to hold confidential conversations.

So, what is the better option? Huddle Rooms!

The best of both worlds can be achieved by implementing huddle rooms into various spaces around your organisation. Employees can experience both the benefits of the open plan office, whilst having the option for privacy when required.

What are Huddle Rooms?

Huddle rooms are small, private workspaces designed for small groups of employees – typically large enough to accommodate three to six people and are equipped with similar technology to that of a normal conference/meeting room. Video conferencing solution, large TV screen, camera, central table that allows for sitting or standing, interactive or regular white board and chairs.

Small space. Big benefits

The increase in those adopting the open plan concept means huddle rooms are also on the rise. There are numerous reasons why huddle rooms are essential to collaboration and the success of the modern workforce but below are our favourite ones:

Huddle Rooms provide privacy

As mentioned above, the open floor office plan is great for many things, but privacy isn’t one of them! Huddle rooms provide a space for people to meet for confidential conversations and meetings. Whether they need a quiet room to brainstorm ideas, a private space for an employee performance review, or an important client phone call. Either way, small areas like these allow colleagues to meet more conveniently with one another without interruptions. The addition of video conferencing equipment to huddle rooms will allow for similar conversations but with remote colleagues, suppliers, clients and more.

Huddle Rooms link remote employees

Remote workers prefer huddle rooms when it comes to video conferencing because they feel like they are part of the team – even when they are on the other side of the world! Huddle rooms are a great place to hold team meetings because everyone is made to feel like they are in the same place. Fit out your huddle rooms with a large TV screen and a wide-angle camera, and you’re sorted for these types of meetings.

Huddle Rooms are easy to implement

Due to huddle rooms being smaller areas, they don’t require as much set-up as traditional conference rooms, which means organisations can implement more of them. Enabling more people to meet and work together at the same time, increasing productivity, and eliminating the hassle of the meeting room being “unavailable”.

Huddle Rooms are easy to operate

Since huddle rooms are designed for spontaneous use, they don’t require pre-booking and can be used as and when meetings arise, enabling important discussions to take place, right there and then, improving work efficiency. Employees can get things done when they need to with no waiting around or booking a room weeks in advance.

Huddle Rooms allow you to do more, with less

Unlike the corporate atmosphere of an executive conference room, huddle rooms provide a more flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment, meaning they are king when it comes to collaboration! However, just because huddle rooms are smaller and boast a different style of working, it doesn’t mean they are any less capable of looking after corporate decisions! They are great for taking care of serious business negotiations, sales presentations, webinars, job interviews, and more. Their size also means they can be a more budget-friendly option, to that of a traditional conference room, whilst offering optimal productivity potential!

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