Portcullis House

Communications and Recording systems for Portcullis House

Built over the London Underground’s Westminster station, Portcullis House accommodates 200 Members of Parliament and their staff. The first floor of the building comprises of 15 committee and conference rooms, each provided with state of the art audio visual facilities.

Early on in the build, the architects working on this project expressed concern that the aesthetics of the landmark building were not to be compromised by the introduction of audio visual ‘gadgets’. With this in mind, we designed a solution alongside the architects and the client, to which everyone was in agreement with.

We provided the 15 committee and conference rooms with broadcast standard video cameras, video projectors with customised lenses, and motorized screens, positioned at the end of each room. The customised sound management systems provide both automatic and/or manual control of the sound enhancement and legal recording systems. The audio and visual information is fed back to the separate audio and television control rooms via an underfloor cable network.

A sophisticated electronic signage system was also designed specifically for this project, displaying precise information on the location of each committee/conference room within the building with all of the meeting details scheduled for each room.

For the meetings that take place throughout the year, involving overseas visitors, a full simultaneous interpretation facility was also provided in one of the meeting rooms. 

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