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AV for IPC Media’s new Blue Fin Building

When IPC Media, the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher, moved their corporate headquarters to the Award Winning “Blue Fin Building” , IVC were awarded the installation contract for the implementation of all Audio Visual Systems.

Working alongside IPC Media’s AV Consultant, we delivered 10 Floors of audio visual systems to IPC in multiple scenarios from Control Room (NOC) monitoring video walls to simple, but effective, interactive meeting rooms.

The project involved several key areas for IPC Media, who as a multimedia company not only looked closely at their current

IPC Media, Blue Fin Building audio visual

IPC Media, Blue Fin Building

requirements, but into the future to allow for optimal growth. These areas included: 90 Seat Screening Room / Auditorium; Network Control Centre Video Wall; Bespoke Audio Systems for NME and Uncut Magazines; and a 96 Channel Television Distribution System.

The Screening Room was designed around a 120” DNP Rear Projection System with a Christie 3 Chip DLP Projection Solution. The primary function of the screen was to deliver presentation based material for corporate presentation but had various other specialist functions for example the delivery of 35mm Slide images for Amateur Photographer Magazine. The audio system delivered separate 7:1 Surround Sound and Voice Reinforcement into the space; these components were delivered by a ceiling speaker based solution by JBL. Attached to the auditorium system was an AVID Express editing suite that allows content to be moved from one environment to another.

The NOC Room system Comprised of a Barco 70” Cube solution that was connected into the NOC and Data Centre IP KVM Solution to allow multiple users to manipulate the onscreen information. This allowed the 12 Full time staff to use the wall to their best advantage in resolving Network and IT System issues.

The NME and UNCUT audio systems utilised a combination of Clear One Audio DSP and the Cloud Pump Station solution to deliver a flexible to the desk audio system with an overlay of complete room audio with zoned volume control. We also created a Stereo sweet zone in the middle of the NME Area that allowed the key reviewers to have true stereo sound in an open plan office.

Due to IPC’s extensive television title portfolio the building wide requirement for a flexible TV Solution that allowed the facilities team to control channel access across the business.  The Cabletime MediaStar Pro solution that was installed allows the client to move television facilitated desks in a matter of minutes by re-patching the points. The remote management facility also allows the access to be changed for the users with simplicity and ease.  The Polytran Head end had to be modified to accommodate the 96 channel requirement, and the manufacturer worked very closely with our engineering team to achieve this.

On top of these key areas there are also 10 Boardrooms, 4 Training Rooms, a Creative Working space that we introduced the client to SMART Interactive Solutions. Once trained the initially sceptical users have embraced this technology as a key tool to their presentations and work style. These as well as the larger rooms in the building are all controlled by various different levels of Crestron Control Systems, giving easy to use interfaces for the client. There is also 22 Breakout meeting rooms with Laptop, PC and TV facilities onto Plasma displays for general small scale meeting rooms.

Post completion, we provided extensive train the trainer training to the core IPC media team to ensure clear understanding of the capabilities of the systems and how they are operated.

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