Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park, Dunster Visitor Centre: AV Presentation System

Dunster National Park is a very popular tourist attraction set in the foothills of Exmoor, on the North coast of Somerset. It’s the largest and most intact medieval village in England, oozing with history and spectacular views.

We were commissioned by the park to provide a tailored, streamlined and future proof AV presentation system for the visitors centre, allowing playback of informative promotional marketing video content for visitors on the history of Exmoor and its attractions, with a simple and intuitive push button controller, which could be used intuitively by staff of all technical abilities.

Exmoor National Park

We started by replacing the tired, existing projector with a brighter HD model. For the control, we provided a push-button controller which controls all the necessary equipment including the media player, the projector, the audio amplifier, a relay switch for audio source selection and the lighting.

For the video show player, a solid-state player was used, allowing high definition video presentations to be uploaded and played back as well as providing feedback for playback state to the control system

For the local presentation, a wall mounted injection point was provided. The connection to the projector was active to overcome the cable length.

We worked with a local electrical contractor to provide the lighting with a compatible controller which could store the necessary lighting scenes for recall.

The greatest challenge on this project was to create the necessary logic within the controller to provide simple user interface. This was achieved using cascaded if/else logic along stored system states and feedback from the active components. This also allowed the creation of a button sequence to unlock the controller.

The staff at the park are delighted with the quality and simplicity of the operation and are thoroughly enjoying their enhanced AV and subsequent benefits already i.e. increased visitor engagement and interactivity, reduction of print costs, improved efficiency for both staff and visitors, improved brand identity, and more.

Ben Totterdell, Interpretation & Education Manager at Exmoor National Park said

 “We are delighted with the AV work that IVC Technologies did for us. They were helpful in ensuring that the system they specified met our requirements and was value for money. IVC delivered the project on time and within budget and their team, and their electrical subcontractors, were professional throughout. The quality of the work is excellent and the AV system that’s been installed works exactly as we had hoped. I would have no hesitation recommending them”

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