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State of the art media facilities and audio visual systems completed in February 2009 for the Guardian News and Media Group at their new Kings Cross Headquarters.

At the entrance to the building is a 5 x 2 Orion Plasma Wall facing into the street, which is used as part of the gallery display on the basement. On entering the main reception there is a second 3 x 2 plasma wall. These are both driven by bespoke software written specifically for the client.

The Media Hub - Studio 1

A multi-purpose 48 track digital recording studio with separate control room.

  • Custom-built acoustically treated 10-person removable talk table with an IVC custom designed producer and guest headphone system.
  • Talkback to and from the control room and other studios in the Hub are handled by Trilogy Mercury broadcast standard intercom system.
  • Studio 1 has the flexibility to rig for a full band and a secondary headphone system utilising standard Rane headphone amps.
  • Studio monitoring is handled by Blue Sky System One 5.1 Dolby DTS surround sound system for the playback of full Dolby surround sound encoded content.

The Control Room

  • Custom built desk furniture housing a Yamaha DM1000 digital production mixer.
  • Behind the control position here are four 32U pull-out racks housing the local switching matrices, headphone amplifiers and the dynamics, effects and EQ processors.
  • Monitoring is handled by a pair of Genelec 8050A active speakers coupled with a Genelec 7060A active sub bass.
  • Panasonic MX70E SDI capable vision mixer.
  • Two Apple Mac Pro's for editing are connected to the GNM fibre network for the easy transfer of digital content.

Studios 2, 3 & 4

Voice recording studios.

  • Small audio and voice recording studios comprising custom built technical edit desks housing a Yamaha 01V96 Digital production recording mixer.

Studios 5, 6 & 7

Video capture and editing studios.

  • Custom built technical edit desks housing a Panasonic AG-MX70E SDI vision mixing desk.

It was a specific requirement that any of the edit desks in studio's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 could be wheeled out of the studio and the adjacent studio combined to form a studio/control room scenario.

Edit Suite 1 & 2

Video edit suites.

  • Standalone video edit suites comprising custom built technical edit desks housing an Apple MacPro PC running Finalcut digital video editing software.
  • The edit suite furniture is identical to the Video and Voice recording studio edit desks and is therefore fully interchangeable should the need arise.

All audio and video routing for studios and edit suites, is handled by central audio and video SDI matrices controlled from separate Crestron touch panels in each of the Multimedia Hub studios. Monitoring in Studios and edit suites is handled by a pair of Genelec 8020A active monitors, in each room.

The IP TV systems have two main functions, primarily to deliver live TV feeds onto the office floors, but it is also utilised for the Morning Conference and the Main Scott Room presentations to be broadcast across the business group. The IPTV system also acts as a Digital Signage System. As part of the Carbon Footprint of building the IP TV system, it had to be capable of controlling the power down of screens and systems not in use.

The Scott Room is the main presentation space, it houses up to 120 people. The screen is a 4.5m wide Barco Glass Rear Projection System utilising a dual rear projection rig with matched Barco projectors. This space has a full audio system comprising of a comprehensive voice reinforcement system that also allows for audio and video conferencing with a Polycom SoundStructure™ backbone. This space has Exterity ingest points so that the presentation and audio can be broadcast around the building on the IP TV System. The Scott Room is also divisible and this is facilitated using the Draper Revelation™ concealed projection mirror system combined with a Barco IQ R500 and a Da-lite Tab Tensioned screen system.

The Morning Conference Room is a multifunction space that provides a briefing room for the journalist team. Not only can the system broadcast the Morning Conference through the IP TV system to all of the staff but also allows video conferencing links and an audio conferencing link to journalists in the field. Here the microphones are Shure Servoreeler which can be wound into the ceiling when not in use. This space has revolutionised how the journalists communicate both internally and externally. These conferences can also be recorded onto CD or DVD as required by the client.

Alongside these main areas there are a further:

  • 3 Boardrooms
  • 2 Training Rooms
  • 10 Enhanced Meeting Rooms
  • 10 Standard Meeting Rooms
  • 4 Open Plan SmartBoard Systems
  • 30 Open Plan Screens

All of these systems include Crestron Wi-Fi Panels centrally controlled by Crestron's Roomview Software. They also include Extron HSA Table Cable Management System "pop ups" this includes the fully motorised versions in the main boardrooms.

IVC also installed the Polyvision Room Wizard™ room booking system outside every meeting room. This unit gives the client the ability to grab room for impromptu meetings from the display panel. It also gives the user a very visual indication if a room is free or not, this is done by green and red LED's built into the side of the panel.


IVC Technologies Videowall

IVC Technologies Meeting Rm

IVC Technologies GNM Large format screen