City Hall (GLA)

City Hall (GLA)

A sophisticated communications system was needed to reflect the open and transparent democracy principles so important to the GLA.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) had a vision for a City Hall that connected with the public, reinforcing its promise of open government in London. It wanted to be accessible to the public via television, radio, and the Internet.

One of the key technical requirements was to create a backbone that would allow information in the form of data and text, video and audio to flow from its source to any desk or display screen, the GLA website, or for national broadcast.

The directive from the planners for the project was clear from the start. Whatever system components were chosen to complete the undertaking, the installation had to complement the modern aesthetics and futuristic design of the building.

IVC Technologies achieved this by careful selection of the latest flat screen technology and by designing customised conference units incorporating a unique sound and management system for the debating chamber, supported by technical design and project management expertise.

The media facilities comprise of 2 broadcast control rooms connecting via a CTA to the meeting chamber which is equipped with 6 Philips broadcast cameras, a fully automatic or manual sound system, and low spillage induction loops. Each of the members' meeting desks have flip up computer screens with facilities for plugging in their own laptops for individual presentations.

There are 5 major conference rooms all of which are fully equipped with broadcast camera facilities, video projectors, automated sound and legal recording systems and low spillage induction loops.

On a number of the floors throughout the 9-storey building, there are plug in positions for broadcast cameras with Triax links back to the CTA and from the CTA on to the loading bay where OB units can reverse in a plug up to the network.

All audio output passes through a legal recording system which is, in turn, linked to a room booking service and an electronic signage system. All sound and vision output is sent to a webcasting facility and to broadcasters via fibre links to BBC Television Centre and the BT Tower.

IVC Technologies were also responsible for the data telecomms which distribute the IP/TV facility to the numerous desks throughout the building, along with a parallel RF distribution system.

Working within a build-out timescale of just eight weeks, IVC Technologies had to meet important and unmoveable deadlines, the two most notable being handing over the completed installation to the client on time and the opening of the building my Her Majesty the Queen.

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