AELTC, Wimbledon

IVC Technologies at Wimbledon

As the world's premier tennis venue, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC ) are always keen to ensure that they provide the most modern and comprehensive communication facilities for broadcasters and media personnel, to enhance the quality of coverage to the millions of viewers' worldwide.

IVC Technologies are proud to have been associated with the AELTC since 1995 when we installed the original analogue video over CAT 5 structured cabling.

In 2007, the club implemented a new IPTV technology across their updated high speed data network; last year saw the first phase of a further, complete overhaul of the entire Club's network as part of their 2020 vision.

IVC were delighted to be chosen as the IPTV systems provider for the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon 2020 Vision project, which includes the complete replacement of the analogue IPTV system, with the latest and best in digital IPTV technology.

The new system would need to be able to distribute 30+ live HD video channels, signage, 9 graphic HD channels, along with off-air TV, audio and further BluRay DVD derived services, some unique to the Club, to over 1450 display screens of various sizes throughout the complex.

IVC knew the biggest challenge would be to overcome the problem of signal latency across such a large IT network that serves the entire Wimbledon complex.  To address this challenge, IVC brought together a team of manufacturers, to work with us to resolve this problem: Haivision (encoders), TVOne (converters), Bluebell (transmission), Tripleplay (IPTV Services), IVC (integrator) and the Tennis Club’s IT Team.

Following many hours of research and development time, as a team, we were able to achieve real time HDTV over considerable areas of the network and near real time (sub 200 milliseconds) latency at the far outer reaches of the network.  It was considered by several of the participating manufacturers in this project, that this achievement was probably, about the best in the world so far.

The system went live for the 2015 Tennis Championships and proved to be a great success, so much so, that we are now able to offer this latest technology breakthrough to other Client’s interested in real-time high definition IPTV over IT networks.

Ray Harding, IVC MD said of the project: “By bringing together world class technology providers such as Haivision, TVONe, Bluebell and Tripleplay, this is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through collaboration.  Made possible or course, through the vision of the AETLC’s technical team, who embraced these exciting technologies to deliver the latest, state-of-the-art IPTV/digital signage solution."

IVC Technologies at Wimbledon

IVC Technologies at Wimbledon