June sees the start of IVC’s 28th financial year. The feeling of a new start is always nice, especially after the past year we have all dealt with! Despite the continuing effects of the Covid pandemic and Brexit, we are looking to the year ahead with great confidence and welcoming the beginning of our new financial year with open arms.

This financial year, we will continue to take part in the vast range of opportunities available to us in the ever expanding AV/IT industry.

Looking to the future, we can see in advance that many of todays’ technologies and how we use them are set to change, with many current technologies disappearing all together. So, we feel that now is the right time for us to start investing in the future. We believe heavily in the continuing development of our staff, so we will focus on upskilling all staff to meet the changes and challenges brought by increasing demand in todays’ available technologies from AI to machine learning.

Due to the increasing demand for AV/IT technologies, we are also turning our focus to recruitment. We are recruiting for many roles and are committed to training enthusiastic and passionate individuals, preparing them for an exciting career within the AV/IT industry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to turn our hand to such a vast variety of technologies and always look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead!

For any enquiries or to talk about our available career opportunities, our contact details are E: sales@ivctech.com T: 01935 432121
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