IVC Video Walls


Videowalls provide dynamic large screen viewing for entertainment, digital signage, monitoring and analysis of information as well as visual impact for the viewer.

IVC are able to offer truly customisable videowall solutions through our close collaboration with eyevis UK. With a truly unique product range offering versatile displays configured into an almost infinite number of shapes including curves, arches and waves.  Not just for walls, interative flooring options are also available.


Command & Control Rooms:

Whether it be for emergency services, military, utilities or other monitoring, the demand for 24/7 use of large screen displays for the collation, visualisation and distribution of various media sources requires reliability of the highest standards.  By utilising eyevis UK's expertise, an almost unlimited number of complex signals and sources can be continuously displayed and controlled, whatever the environment or requirement of your videowall.

Presentation & Information:

With reception areas and open meeting areas often being the first impression your client or customer will have of your business, it is vital to create an instant impression.  A videowall presents an array of media sources showcasing your product range, services and company news to visually engage with visitors.  Fully customisable, different messages can be displayed at different times of the day for maximum impact

Additionally, used for way-finding and digital signage, displays offer excellent clarity and readability for the simultaneous display of quick changing information.

Broadcast Solutions:

A varied and demanding environment requiring perfect images at all times.

Quality components are as important here as the screens and the technology that delivers the image the viewer expects, from the recording studio, newsroom, video control and post-production areas.

The numerous applications within broadcast, coupled with Eyevis’ continual optimisation of their solutions gives us the flexibility to deliver what the customer needs.

Simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality:

A rapidly growing market where simulators with interactive VR and AR capabilities provide huge cost savings and minimises the risk of real, in-situ training scenarios.  Flight training, high speed driving, military operations, research presentations or full scale, 3D visualisation of automotive designs, all these applications rely on stable, image presentation and sophisticated integration with controlling workstations to provide a fully functioning, realistic solution.

IVC Matrix Video Wall

IVC Live Video Wall

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