IPTV - IVC & Tripleplay delivering world class IP digital media solutions

IVC Technologies is continually evaluating the marketplace and believes that Tripleplay is a crucial partner to provide our clients with the very best in IP digital media solutions.

At IVC we understand the complexities in the world of modern technology in ensuring the right solution for your needs.

Our approach to the market is one of simplicity - we will ensure that you can get any content, to any screen, on any network.  It is for this reason that we have partnered with Tripleplay.


Tripleplay are truly one of the world leaders in the development and provision of IPTV, digital signage, video on demand and mobile streaming software solutions.

With core software solutions being TripleTV, a HDTV IPTV solution, TripleSign, a world class server based digital signage system, TripleVOD, a video on demand streaming solution and TripleStream, a mobile device streaming solution, all working on a single server.

Market focus on IPTV:

In the corporate environment:

  • Inform, communicate and train staff
  • Entertain visitors in reception/huddle areas
  • Easy, intuitive controls to manage and update content
  • 'Zoning' delivers customisable content to the right people in the right place

In the hospitality environment:

  • In-room entertainment; streaming services, on-demand TV, BYOD connections
  • Full integration with PMS; manage bookings and reservations within hotel complex
  • Customisable user portal to reflect hotel brand
  • Additional advertising revenue streams

In the education environment:

  • Engage with students and relieve pressure from teachers
  • Versatile media portal provides library/archiving features for all content
  • Easy access to course content, in class and offsite
  • Deliver information across campus in real time via signage screens

Similar services, functionality and applications will also be applicable to many other sectors such as transportretail and stadiums.

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