Audio Visual technology has advanced at a fast pace over the last few years, we are seeing it everywhere we go and depending on it more and more every day. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, companies are finding that, now more than ever, they are relying on technology capabilities to help keep them in contact with staff as well as customers, hold meetings and other day to day tasks that may have previously been taken for granted.

We encourage companies to have a defined audio visual refresh plan in place and carry out regular AV asset reviews. This helps to ensure that the equipment is kept up to date, as well as the below points;



Things are much easier when you have the right tools to work with aren’t they? At IVC, we think so too. Ensuring that your AV needs are met can increase productivity within businesses as the staff will have the right tools around them. With the recent increase in working from home, it is essential now, more than ever, to have access to enhanced technology to continue with the day-to-day aspects of your business. With such a comprehensive array of equipment available, this has been made achievable for all businesses within a reasonable budget.



As we all know, communication is key within businesses, whether it be face-to-face, on the phone, or as we are doing more of these days, via video call. It is essential for staff to be able to communicate effectively with one another as well as customers. Faulty or out of date technology can lead to communication complications or significant downtime. With the correct AV, you can create a tailored set up that suits your businesses needs to avoid this.



With the continuous advancements we are seeing in technology today, it is more than likely that you’ve been in a situation where your business is thriving with great back-end efficiencies one minute and a couple of years later all you are left with is clunky, inefficient and outdated systems.

Taking the relevant action in conjunction with your plan – reviewing and refreshing AV – will give your business a new lease of life through improved tools, features and systems. These new assets will be more advanced than previous and will provide advanced functionality for employees, enabling them to work flexibly, faster and a lot more effectively, whether that be from home or the office.



Recently, we have noticed an increase in consumer-facing businesses investing in front-end systems to impress and engage customers. However, without investment into the back-end technology operations you risk falling behind competitors, resulting in inefficient, outdated and impractical on-site equipment.

By regularly reviewing and restoring back-end AV systems, you are safeguarding your business and arming it with the best, most future-proof technology possible – the technologies needed to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Whilst ensuring seamless and efficient operations that lie at the heart of all successful businesses.


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