Today’s corporate leaders know that digital signage technology is vital in conveying powerful first impressions on consumers – dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and retention. However, smart businesses are also using digital signage to create substantial improvements in safety, workforce productivity, and more.

Using digital signs in corporate communications can really increase the effectiveness of the important every day operations. Businesses that use digital signage for internal workplace communications enjoy major advantages over slower-moving competitors. By keeping employees well informed and engaged, you can reap the benefits of optimum staff performance and productivity.


safety, digital signage

Digital signage can reduce workplace injuries by 20%. Helping to create a healthier environment for employees and providing life-saving speed and clarity in emergency situations. With real-time communication throughout your business, you will be giving your employees the best chance of being danger free!


attention, digital signage

Did you know digital signage displays attract 400% more attention than static posters? Get rid of your old-school paper signs! Creating animated, engaging digital signage messaging will help facilitate clearer and longer-lasting communication to your employees.


retention, digital signage

By strategically engaging your employees, you are encouraging them to remember your message more easily. Digital signage boasts a recall rate of 83%, making it much easier for employees to absorb essential information.


productivity, digital signage

Digital signage solutions can help increase employee engagement and productivity by over 22%! Did you know you can use digital signage for almost anything? Including create performance dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and respond quickly to demand spikes.


reputation, digital signage

Digital signage is impressive. It will wow your employees just as much as it does your customers. Your employees will perceive your company as forward-thinking, tech-savvy, professional and efficient. When outdated posters are replaced with digital signage your employees will trust that they have the best access to the latest and most targeted information.


speed, digital signage

You can use digital signage to instantly share vital and time-sensitive information. In addition to sharing in-the-moment safety information, you can monitor KPIs across all areas of your operations.


motivation, digital signage

With digital signage you can communicate real-time productivity and efficiency information to your employees. Managers can inspire greater dedication from their teams by displaying performance/goal numbers and other essential metrics.

Consistent Messaging

messaging, digital signage

By broadcasting digital messages throughout your business from one central location, you can be sure that your messages will remain the same throughout. A great way to reduce workplace gossip and misinformation and maintain consistent branding and messaging across all channels.

Inspired Workforce

inspired workforce, digital signage

Everyone loves digital signage! Your employees will be proud to work for a company that uses forward-thinking technology and it will enable you to deploy a far-reaching corporate communications strategy, whilst experiencing growth in efficiency, training, and productivity.

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