Hotel lobbies are the prime place to inform and entertain guests, communicate your brand and tell your company story. They are also popular, high-traffic areas where people gather and wait – the perfect place for eye-catching and mood-setting digital signage.

Individual displays, now commonplace in many hotels, are no longer generating optimal impact. Large Individual displays are an expected part of a hotel room, but in a grand hotel lobby area they are lost. Resulting in poor guest engagement levels – and as a hotelier looking to gain an edge over its competitors, a decline in engagement is not what you need.

It’s time to go bigger and better!

The answer? Video Walls.

A visually compelling solution that grabs the attention of guests and visitors in both large and small public areas.

When it comes to marketing your hotel brand, the entrance lobby is arguably one of the most important areas in the building. It’s where first impressions are made, and guests are gathered for pro-longed periods of time – so take advantage of it! From the moment guests enter the building, hit them with that wow factor! An impactful Video Wall will not only set the tone for your brand but create long-lasting, brand compelling, first impressions.

The recent advancements in software and hardware too mean the cost of Video Wall solutions has dramatically fallen, making it far more accessible, cost effect and easier to manage and make content for. Not just for Video Walls but existing TV networks too.

Keeping content frequently updated with well-designed material is vital in guarenteeing maximum impact and ROI. A balanced mix of advertising, self-promotion and informative content for guests will help engage guests more effectively. Upsell hotel rooms and offers, inform guests about events nearby, hotel amenities, promote local tourism, advertise businesses to generate additional revenue. The opportunities are endless!

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