1.So Byron, what’s your role at IVC? Tell us a little bit about yourself and the company.

I’m the Technical Sales Manager for IVC and I progressed into this role after nearly 10 years as part of the engineering team where I joined as an apprentice back in 2008. My role is to capture customer requirements and advise customers on the best possible AV solution for their project and guide them to that outcome. Being in the AV industry for 25 years means as a company we’ve got the strong knowledge base and internal skill set required to deliver cutting edge technology and services at scale to both SME’S and global blue-chip companies. We have worked on a vast number of front of house, guest room and guest experience projects, integrating technology into bespoke environments both new and old.

2.What type of work does IVC Technologies carry out in the world of hospitality?

We carry out a wide range of digital transformation work for the hospitality sector, this includes visually stunning front of house signage systems, pro audio systems for guest areas and advanced HDTV systems with screen sharing and additional functionality to really help hotels benchmark themselves in this competitive industry and get them prepared for the future.

With that in mind, we do a lot of work with hotels to help improve their overall service offering. So this includes advanced systems for mobile integration like Kiosk check ins, door entry and mobile integration into the hotel rooms and conference and meeting room technology for meeting spaces throughout the hotel.

3.What AV technology trends are you starting to see more of in the hotel industry?

The biggest technology trends are being driven from the guest and room experience, and we only expect this to increase as hotels battle to improve their services and drive customers to their hotel by offering unique, home from home designed rooms, with the modern customer in mind.

Hotels boasting advanced conferencing and business facilities are now becoming more sought after than standalone conferencing facilities, or hotels without function rooms for hire. Hotels are improving their corporate offering by revitalizing the functionality of their conference and meeting room spaces by integrating future proof AV tech to bring meetings and events to life.

4.What AV technologies are most widely adopted by hotels?

There are some seriously game-changing technologies out there at the moment. The emphasis tending to fall mostly on the guest room experience – allowing guests to work and relax in the same way as they would from their own home. So that’s HD TV and screen sharing, bring your own device connectivity, wireless mobile charging and room control. All of which work together to create a unified and intuitive experience that guests will trust and remember. Looking to the overall hotel experience we are seeing a real rise in the adoption of digital signage systems too.

5.How is that technology being used to improve the overall hotel experience?

Most hotels already have a digital estate and may even run some form of signage; however, we are seeing these estates drive forward with digital signage, as mentioned previously. Hotels can provide a balanced mix of advertising, self-promotion and informative content for guests through digital signage, as well as upsell rooms and offers, inform guests about events nearby, hotel amenities, advertise other businesses to generate additional revenue.

Other widely adopted systems are kiosk systems for faster check ins, mobile integration for door entry systems and room control. All of which combined create a seamless experience for guests and completely revolutionize the guest room experience.

6.What type of challenges do you come up against with hotels?

The first challenge is identifying the right technology. And by that I mean technology that will not only cover the client’s requirements as they are right now but will adapt also to their future needs. We pride ourselves on delivering future-proof solutions and work very closely with the client and manufacturers to deliver the very best end solution possible.

Architectural challenges also arise from project to project. Hotels have their own unique image and as such have bespoke spaces that can sometimes create interesting integration challenges.

7.What type of organisations can you help?

Any organisation that’s excited about technology and what it can do for them and their business! We work with all types of organisations across varies sectors.

In the hospitality sector however we work with hotels, theatres, stadium venues, restaurants and more. In hotels for example, it might be a boutique hotel looking to enhance spaces by adding new services and features, without tampering with the architecture and look or feel of the hotel, or larger hotels focusing on advanced technology to create the optimum experience for guests, giving them that wow factor from the moment they arrive, until the moment they leave.

8.What do you enjoy most about working in the world of hospitality?

For me it has to be the different spaces. Hotels are known for their diverse luxury and modern spaces and these spaces create great opportunities for us to showcase just how today’s AV can positively impact such environments and excel the businesses operations as a whole.

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