It’s clear to see that target markets are changing and evolving with a digitally savvy audience and competition for public support. At IVC we are in the process of assisting a lot of Theatres in adopting new technology whilst maintaining their integrity and the history of their building.

Over the years technological innovations have raised the bar for Theatre productions and digital signage especially is becoming a highly effective marketing tool for Theatres, allowing them to demonstrate powerfully to visitors that they are innovative players in their field.

Have you thought beyond the performances at your Theatre to other vital areas around the building?

What are the benefits of digital signage in Theatres?

  • The reduction of design and print costs
  • Intuitive for employees resulting in increased productivity
  • Simple and effective way of communicating and captivating visitors
  • Increased revenue through multiple forms of marketing
  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors
  • Lots of potential uses and messages supported by one single platform

What content can be displayed on the digital signage?

  • Historical information on the venue, acts and old performances
  • Ticket prices
  • Trailers of existing and upcoming shows
  • Seasonal events, discounts, offers
  • Wayfinding around the building
  • Selling concessions; interval food purchases, restaurant deals etc
  • Emergency announcements
  • Social media updates (from Twitter, Facebook etc)

Digital signage is a must have investment for any venue with a lot going on. Driving sales through effective visual communications that can be changed as often as required to keep visitors informed and entertained at all times – ensuring you achieve optimum return on investment!

We work closely with Theatres to create tailored and future-proof solutions and understanding that Theatres must balance costs, we provide flexible leasing options that allow organisations to spread the cost of equipment purchases over a time scale that suits.

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