Clevertouch brings education technology to students without letting technology get in the way.

From budget solutions like the Clevertouch V-Series with all the essential features, to the highly versatile Plus or Pro ranges with integrated apps, Cleverstore access and 4K display, there’s a touchscreen option for every project.

If your familiar with a modern smartphone or tablet, you’ll find Clevertouch’s new user interface, LUX a beautiful, intuitive experience, expertly designed to enable collaboration and visualisation as never before.

With a suite of apps that’ll aid interaction with students in the classroom or remote learners and screen sharing is available with laptops, tablets and smart phones in a couple of clicks.

The Intuitive Digital Experience Made for Education 

"Technology is breaking new ground and the benefits of digital learning can be enormously positive."

Offering cost savings over traditional interactive whiteboards and projectors, Clevertouch will:

  • Provide high quality content and resources, available in a wide range of formats
  • Save time delivering lessons, preparing lessons and reporting

It supports multimodal learning techniques and new pedagogies like the flipped classroom, keeping students engaged and colloborating.

The dedicated Cleverstore apps at your fingertips will keep you up to date with the latest developments in educational apps.

With it's tactile technology, Clevertouch enhances the user experience and is usable straight out of the box.

Arrange a chat to find out more and see how other schools have used the Clevertouch technology.

Clevertouch Features

But, what does the industry say about technology in education?

It's come a long way from the clunky days of early interactive whiteboards; with the rapid developments in interactive touch technologies, Clevertouch is paving the way for a more hands-on collaborative approach.

However, having the technology is only part of the story, training, (where necessary) and adoption of new methodologies is required to ensure the full potential of these new experiences are fully realised.

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