The gates of Wimbledon 2017 are open!

Today at IVC we celebrate 22 years of work with The All England Lawn Tennis Club.

It’s an important year for us. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our customer relationships and we are very pleased to have been associated with the AELTC since 1995, when the original analogue video over VAT 65 structured cabling was installed.

IP Digital Media Solutions

IP Digital Media Solutions

Andreas Chrysanthou, IT Service Delivery Manager at The AELTC says:

‘From the moment IVC were selected, they worked tirelessly with my team and me to bring to life their proposal. Numerous challenges came to light throughout the first phase, including challenges on hardware, PoE specifications and price. However, through open, honest and transparent discussions throughout the challenges, we worked through each in detail and established the most desirable outcome for us both. What has been delivered since the project landed has exceeded expectation, and through Kevin Quick, IVC’s technical lead to The AELTC, IVC continue to offer the highest level of service which we’re proud to be associated with’.

Our engineers have been on-site working behind the scenes with the AELTC service delivery team for the past two weeks, running tests and ensuring all is on point for the 2017 games commencing today, July 3rd.

Wishing you all a fantastic Wimbledon 2017!




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