Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) forms a vital part of any security system. With modern IP based cameras these networks have become more flexible and powerful than ever before.

The latest high definition cameras can provide crystal clear video pictures in all kinds of lighting conditions both indoors and outside. Footage may be viewed live or recorded for playback and evidence. Cameras can be controlled by telemetry allowing access to live pan, tilt and zoom capability.


IP cameras can be viewed and monitored from anywhere on the network with suitable permissions either in dedicated security control rooms or via a web browser or application on any connected PC, Tablet, PDA or Smartphone device.

CCTV can also connect you to the outside world with a connection to the internet allowing content to be streamed to anyone with a compatible web browser.

As well as security, CCTV can also play a role in the corporate environment providing staff with live access to meetings, seminars and training sessions that they cannot physically attend.

Also CCTV has a role to play in the hospitality environment where your guests can see instantly what may be happening at the bar, by the poolside or other events.

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