Announcement 📣

We have an exciting announcement… We have recently acquired some office space in the bustling city of Oxford. This will predominantly be the working area of Marcus Boyton, our AV Design Engineer. If you’d like to arrange a visit to our Oxford office, please give...

Supporting the Wimbledon Championships

Our AV Engineers have been on-site at Wimbledon during the qualifiers and the Championships. Working alongside the Wimbledon IT Department, our AV Engineering team have been monitoring all of the Audio Visual systems throughout the complex to ensure that everything...

Kicking off our 28th Financial Year!

June sees the start of IVC’s 28th financial year. The feeling of a new start is always nice, especially after the past year we have all dealt with! Despite the continuing effects of the Covid pandemic and Brexit, we are looking to the year ahead with great confidence...

Exciting Update!

Exciting Update! Have you noticed it yet? Our new and exciting company brochure is now available to download from our homepage. We know just how off-putting it can be when you try to download something but then have to enter all of your personal information before the...

Celebrating National Sales Person Day

As today marks National Sales Person Day, we would like to dedicate this post to our Technical Sales Engineer, Byron Edwards. Byron originally started working for IVC Technologies in 2008 as a Junior Engineer. After nine years of consistent hard work, Byron was...


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