What is AV over IP?

AV over IP (Audio Video over Internet Protocol) takes full advantage of the convergence of AV and IT, with the ability to distribute video, audio and control signals over traditional network infrastructure.

Rest assured we’re on top of this, and have been for some time! We’ve been designing and integrating IP systems for almost 10 years. Not only do we have an in-depth understanding of the latest developments in AV over IP, but years of experience too.

Why is everyone talking about it?

It’s the future! As IP-based technology advanced, the ability to control devices, send audio and video, and even power devices using a single Ethernet cable became possible too!

What are the advantages of AV over IP?


All you need is one single Ethernet cable to power devices, send audio and video, and control a device! One cable opposed to multiple cables means there are cost savings to be had, resulting in a reduction in both materials and labor time.

Maintenance costs can be reduced as this deployment method means there are likely to be less failure points – troubleshooting is simplified and productivity increases!

Power over Ethernet allows electricity to be supplied to devices in remote locations where a receptacle isn’t available. Before now an electrician would be required, and depending on the circumstances, it could be quite labor intensive and expensive.

Now you can run an Ethernet cable, the obstacles and extra costs associated with hiring a trade professional isn’t as high.


Ethernet cables can handle a lot more data than serial cables, resulting in much faster communication speeds.

By using Ethernet, all devices on a single network can be integrated with advanced functionality – depending on the capabilities of the specific device.

Using IP control allows devices to be managed from a centralized location, meaning different devices can be manipulated through the shared network.


IP allows a lot more data to be passed over a single cable which means the quality of the audio and video signals will be much better. It’s now possible to transmit HD and Ultra HD signals through IP-based products too, as well as VOIP.

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