Today, Digital Signage is exploited by a vast number of organizations from multiple industries.

Giving them that edge over their competitors, it’s the perfect way to deliver interactive communications and advertising – giving real time access to content and a more engaging platform for audience interaction.

But what else can it offer and how exactly will it benefit your organisation?

Enhance your customer service offering. Digital signage provides viewers the relevant information they need and when they need it.
Save time and money. Digital signs eliminate the recurring costs associated with printing and shipping new static signs.
Look more professional. Digital Signage creates an immediate impression and proves that your business is using modern and up-to-date technology.
Display information in real-time. Digital signage allows you to change the information being displayed, at speed – depending on what is relevant.
Improve customer interaction. Customers can interact with the signage by sharing photos, videos, social updates, and see their content displayed on screens in real-time.
Influence customer decisions. When placed strategically near the point of sale, Digital signage can help influence customers’ purchasing decisions.
Generate money. Advertisers can buy screen time for their product for example in large shopping centres and at big events.
Promote your business. Digital signage allows you to upsell and promote special sales, promotions and events.
Support your Marketing team. Digital signage will support your Marketing team’s efforts and allow effective and efficient brand communication. It can also help internal marketing to motivate and empower employees.
Enhance the customer journey. You can entertain customers and guests by displaying interactive content on your digital signage.

Here at IVC we continue to embrace the advances in technology when designing, supplying, installing and supporting the latest in Digital signage systems.

We work alongside our media Partner, Tripleplay, specialists in sports and stadium technology, banking and enterprise solutions, hotel and residential television, and higher education media solutions, to provide you the very latest in Digital signage technology.

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